We’re online with the new Antica Stamperia Marchi e-commerce site

At last we’re inaugurating our e-commerce site. We’re excited, enthusiastic and confident!

Want to know what pushed us to undertake this adventure? It was you! During the lockdown, many of you asked about the possibility of buying our hand-made products online, so we decided to go for it and take part of our catalogue online.

The catalogue includes more than 2000 designs, several types of fabric and the option of customising our products. We reluctantly had to make a selection, and for the moment we’re offering only some of our best designs and items.

It wasn’t easy to find a simple way to convey our philosophy. You already know we like direct contact, we prefer to let you touch the fabrics and tell you face to face how we make our products. But we’ve tried to put our heart into it, hoping that you’ll get the message from the images and descriptions on the website.

We’re here to answer your questions and meet your needs. We hope this website can be a shop window and a launchpad for our business, but we still want to retian direct contact with you: you’re at the heart of our company!


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    Dress model made by the designer Federico Cina
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