La Ligaza: a
fabric that brings
Italian history to life

An undeniably wonderful part of our work is the knowledge we are handing on our history. A story that unfolds in the draping of our fabrics and manifests in our creations as a sign that speaks of our farming identity which, albeit with different names, is found all over the country.

Ligaza: farming

This typical checked fabric belongs to rural Romagna and is part of our history.
The Ligaza is a traditional handkerchief or scarf which was knotted and used by Romagna peasants to carry their lunch to the fields, or by women to carry their shopping.
It was used all over Italy, but known by different names; it also appears in a scene of the film Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, with Sofia Loren and Mastroianni.

The colours of tradition

The design was reproduced exactly as the old Ligaza of Nonna Venusta, the maternal grandmother of Lara and Gabriele Marchi.
There were originally two versions: one in red and another in blue and, although the blue was more commonly used, we wanted to use both.
The dyeing of the fabric with “indanthrone” blue makes the fabric particularly stable and resistant to light, atmospheric agents, aggressive detergents and washing with bleach; it does not fade.

100% Italian production and fabric

The fabric is pure cotton, and we have it made especially by a Lombardy weaver, so it is 100% Italian.
We use Ligaza fabric to make typical tea towels and much more besides: aprons, tablecloths, breakfast sets, cushions, bread baskets, rolling pin cases and numerous bespoke items and special requests. The pattern of this fabric is much appreciated by customers, often to furnish restaurants, bars and B&Bs.

Soft, compact and glossy fabrics
the Mangano in action

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The fabrics

We use 100% natural fibres, carefully selected for quality and resistance to wear and washing. These come solely from Italian suppliers, and some are hand-made.

Hand made

Every item is entirely hand-made and unique, and every detail is the distinctive mark of the work of a master artisan.

Eco sustainability

Our energy use is minimal, almost as it was in the 17th century, so all our products are low-impact and sustainable.


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