• The long history
    of Stamperia

    We use antique and modern fabrics to create accessories for the home, for people and for the traditional Romagnola kitchen, with a touch of originality.

  • A collection
    of unique
    hand-painted items

    Since 1991, Lara Marchi has been making beautiful items using the brush painting technique, creating colour contrasts that are utterly unique.

  • Built in 1633, with its weight it stretches fabrics and embellishes them making them soft, compact and shiny.

We've been printing fabrics

since the 17th century

Our work is based on a lengthy and precise processing of the fabrics, which is carried out entirely by hand. Every item we produce requires loving care and traditional procedures skilfully applied. Here we measure time in quality, not quantity.

Here you’ll find antique and modern fabrics, accessories for the home and for people, and items for the traditional Romagnola kitchen, with a touch of originality. Our broad range of antique prints means you can choose how your item is made.

Lara e Gabriele Marchi

Antica Stamperia Artigiana

Artisan process
of printing on canvas

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Tessuti ammorbiditi, stirati, resi
lucidi: il mangano in azione

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Printed and
coloured canvas

We have approximately 2000 printing plates, exclusive to our workshop. Thanks to these, we can trace the customs, styles, figures and culture that have influenced individual artisans at the workshop.

The canvas

Our fabrics are all 100% natural fibres of cotton, linen or hemp.


An essential stage in preparing the fabric for printing.

The printing plates

Made of hand-carved wood, these represent the decorative art of the Romagna region.

The colour

Prepared in the workshop to an ancient recipe handed down through the generations.

The mallet

A wooden tool used to beat the print and transfer the colour evenly to the fabric.

The fixing

A secret and ancient method of fixing the colour, making it indelible and bright.

A catalogue to surprise you




Oven glove


Unioncamere Emilia Romagna

We are listed in the Register of Historic Businesses of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

Premio Santarcangelo

“L’Arcangelo d’Oro” award from the Santarcangelo municipality.

Visit the Museum

Antica Stamperia Marchi is more than a workshop and a boutique. It’s a place brimming with history, with smells and materials; a place where you’ll rediscover ancient arts, tools and methods.
It’s also a museum offering guided visits for groups and individuals on request.



Stamperia Marchi, which for years has been the benchmark for enthusiasts of printed fabrics, looks forward to showing you its handcrafted products, bearing the unmistakable mark of a beautiful tradition. You'll also have the opportunity to see the Mangano, Europe's oldest machine of its kind and probably the only surviving working example.

firma tonino guerra
Tonino Guerra



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