The Workshop,
in the heart
of Santarcangelo

The Antica Stamperia Marchi workshop is the place where an ancient art is brought back to life by the daily work of the Marchi family, but it’s also the identity of a place and a people, taking in a sense of landscape and the history of Santarcangelo.

The Workshop

Our workshop is small, just a few rooms, but it’s the home of two great stories dating back to ancient times: the Mangano and the Marchi family.

The artisan workshop was founded in 1633, when the Mangano was built, and since then has been in constant use; it has been handed down from father to son for four generations of the Marchi family, following Plato’s advice:
“ATTEND-WATCH-IMITATE-PRODUCE”, to which we have added RENEW; so from ancient times to the present day, the workshop has maintained the art of hand-printing on fabric and works to improve it.

The fabrics

We use 100% natural fibres, carefully selected for quality and resistance to wear and washing. These come solely from Italian suppliers, and some are hand-made.

The colours

Created using a 17th century recipe and natural ingredients that give unique bright colours, our inks are indelible and can withstand repeated washing, including by machine.

Hand made

Every item is entirely hand-made and unique, and every detail is the distinctive mark of the work of a master artisan.

Eco sustainability

Our energy use is minimal, almost as it was in the 17th century, so all our products are low-impact and sustainable.

The breath of history

This is a place of art and culture, where you can admire and touch the products we create with care, skill and dedication. You’ll also see the traces left by the passage of great artists, some of whom have become friends and companions in our work, their creative input helping to design unforgettable projects.

The story of the Marchi family

The tradition of hand-printing is passed from father to son. Pracucci Sante, the grandfather of Alfonso Marchi, came from a large farming family; he came to town to work at the printer’s and took over the business at the start of the 20th century. Even when he took over the business, hand-printing was on the point of disappearing. In the workshop was Alfredo Marchi, a young man from the country with a talent for art and design. He studied art and design with the master A. Ghinelli of Santarcangelo; he was also a music lover and played the cor anglais under Giulio Faini. Alfredo was highly talented, playing with the orchestra of the Vittorio Emanuele theatre in Rimini and much in demand by various bands. At the workshop he met and fell in love with Pia Pracucci, Sante’s daughter; they married and had 3 children, Laura, Maura and their son Alfonso. When he left school Alfonso spent time in the workshop learning the art of hand-carving printing plates and developed a passion for this ancient trade. After the Second World War, during which most of the wooden printing plates were destroyed, he considered closing down.

Alfonso Marchi did all he could to save the Mangano, and after finishing middle school, he took over the business while his father opened a laundry to make ends meet.
Alfonso passed his love for the Mangano and the printer’s art on to his children.
Gabriele Marchi is a master of the art: he carves the hand-printing stamps, prepares the colours using a secret family recipe and creates genuine hand-printed masterpieces.
Lara Marchi is highly acclaimed for her antique hand-painted fabrics, with which she creates runners, bags and cushions, always using colours made in the workshop.
Lara also oversees sales, welcomes customers with a smile and supports them in their bespoke orders of any items, recommending fabrics and designs.


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