Stamperia Marchi with Federico Cina at Milan Fashion Week

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On 22 September we were special guests at an event held by Federico Cina to present his new collection La Rinascente di Milano during the recent Fashion Week.

Federico Cina is a young designer from Sarsina, with whom we’ve worked since 2019. We immediately recognised his genius, courage and creativity, all essential elements of strong characters who can bring something new to their work a touch of art and class. Federico decided to embellish his garments with our hand-printing, and it was an honour and a pleasure to join him for the presentation.

For us the day was an amazing experience, with an exceptional audience who as yet did not know our work. We gave a practical demonstration of printing on fabric, which caught the audience’s attention and curiosity and was extremely gratifying for us.

The event gave us a boost of energy and confirmation that – as Tonino Guerra said – “beauty will save the world”. We believe this and will continue to pursue it with passion and care.

The occasion also gave me and my brother an opportunity to experience a satisfying moment outside our print shop, something that has not happened for a long time. The event confirmed that the course we’re taking is the right one, given the numerous compliments and agreement we received.

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    Dress model made by the designer Federico Cina
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