The art of
hand printing

Precision, care, safety and experience are all in the skilled hands of the artisans who carry out our hand-printing on fabrics. An art handed down from father to son with passion and the desire to combine tradition and innovation.

How our products

are created

In our print shop everything is done as it was in 1633. The fabrics, carefully selected by us, are ironed and pressed by our antique Mangano machine and then expertly hand-printed by Gabriele Marchi, whose flair and mastery of the technique give rise to genuine masterpieces.

Gabriele Marchi creates our hand-printed items by choosing from the 2,000 designs present in our workshop.
To him, fabric is a picture to be painted: he defines the borders, chooses the design, prepares the colour and, using a heavy mallet, beats the stamps steeped in colour with a rhythm, passion and technique that only a master craftsman can possess. With time and patience, our creations come to life.

The fabrics

We use 100% natural fibres, carefully selected for quality and resistance to wear and washing. These come solely from Italian suppliers, and some are hand-made.

The colours

Created using a 17th century recipe and natural ingredients that give unique bright colours, our inks are indelible and can withstand repeated washing, including by machine.

Hand made

Every item is entirely hand-made and unique, and every detail is the distinctive mark of the work of a master artisan.

Eco sustainability

Our energy use is minimal, almost as it was in the 17th century, so all our products are low-impact and sustainable.

Hand-carved plates

In our print shop we have antique wooden plates from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, all hand-carved. Following ancient Romagnolo printing tradition, every craftsman working here has left his or her artistic and technical contribution. The 2,000 plates of Antica Stamperia Marchi encapsulate Romana’s decorative art heritage.

The stages of the process
Molds in the shop
Natural Colors

We have plates with designs dating back to the Middle Ages, with mysterious winged dragons;
designs commissioned by Venetian noblemen with lions or Malatesta emblems with the monogram of Sigismondo; futurist plates with stylised images of beaches; Liberty-style designs, right up to modern creations like the apples designed and engraved by Alfredo Marchi, the father of Alfonso, with the artist Tonino Guerra.

Even today, Gabriele Marchi continues to carve new plates for printing on fabric, using methods that are wholly artisanal, intact and original. We also engrave stamps on commission with logos and initials, which can be applied to the fabrics to make our products even more exclusive.

Soft, compact and glossy fabricsi
the Mangano in action

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Tessuti ammorbiditi, stirati, resi
lucidi: il mangano in azione

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Thanks to his experience and expertise, Gabriele Marchi can help customers wishing to commission items for their private homes, but also the owners of businesses such as restaurants, hotels, wineries and bars, adding a unique touch to their premises.

Superb quality and Italian tradition in the world

We’re sure that the past and its traditions will continue to thrive in the present and the future.
We like to recall the memories that made our story, telling the tales that have always been told, not losing anything.

Lara e Gabriele Marchi

Marchi family


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