Mangano celebrates its 390 years 1633-2023 and all citizens celebrated with us.

On Friday 17 March we celebrated our Mangano’s 390th birthday by inviting you to leave your mark inside the shop. All those who have visited the Stamperia have had the opportunity to experience firsthand the activity of the printer, by applying a stamp on a canvas prepared for the occasion.

sindaca alice parma

The date of Mangano’s birthday is certain, as there is a document (see photo) which certifies that on 17 March 1633, authorization was given to Fiore Melini to begin construction work on Mangano as long as it was finished by same year. The shop and the mangle have been owned by the Marchi family since the early 1900s and since then it has been kept together with the ancient art of hand printing and rust color and handed down from generation to generation.

from right: Alfonso, Gabriele, Flora, Lara e Alfredo Marchi

In the photo next to the decree with which the construction of the mangle was authorized in 1633, the document is kept in the municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna.

On this occasion, those who visited us were able to see the mangano, the real protagonist, in operation during the ironing of the fabrics called “follatura”.

This day was made even more special by the delivery by the municipal administration and the province of the Emilia Romagna Historic Shops plaque which certifies the registration of the Stamperia Marchi in the special register set up in the province.

The delivery by Mayor Alice Parma of the “Bottega Storica” ​​plaque
We are officially a Historical Workshop


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