Pillowcase 50x50cm hand-painted. Single piece.


The fabric used are ironed and pressed by our antique Mangano 1633 machine and then expertly hand painted.

Our color are created using a 17th century recipe and natural ingredients that give unique bright colours, are indelible and can withstand repeated washing, including by machine.

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Washing instructions
  1. For the FIRST WASH, place the printed fabric in the washing machine, ensuring it is alone and has plenty of space.
  2. Wash using neutral or Marseilles detergent at 40-50 degrees without soaking.
  3. Put bleach in the fabric softener compartment (but without softener).
  4. Following this initial was, the items can be washed at 60 degrees, always with neutral or Marseilles detergent. In the event of stains, always put bleach in the fabric conditioner compartment.

Pillowcase for pillow 50x50cm made with made with canvas hand-woven frame, pure hemp, ironed and pressed with the mangle of 1633 and hand painted with a brush by Lara Marchi.  With padded interior.

Lara Marchi’s creations are unique pieces and represent object of high and exclusive craftsmanship value.

The items are ready for delivery and will be shipped by express courier within 3/5 days of order confirmation and payment.

Dimensions 5547 × 5547 cm




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